Services Provided by Pre-Paid Promotions, Inc.

In-Store Product Marketing

Since the average convenience store has thousands of products, properly marketing the ones that make you the most money is crucial. Why use "prime real estate" in your store to push products that have half the return-on-investment as another product within your store? Other businesses would be grateful to have half the traffic your store(s) most likely sees on a daily basis. What are you doing to capitalize and profit off the steady stream of traffic you have? If you do not know the answers to any of these questions, quit wasting your time (and potential profit) and give us a call.

POS Placement & Merchandising

You might have the best assortment of products available but if your customers don't know what they are and where they are, then you're losing out on thousands (if not tens of thousands) in additional income. By utilizing the services of our experienced sales and service representatives, you can begin to capitalize on what you already have. Additionally, with a small investment, we can help you make thousands of dollars in extra revenue on a weekly basis using a minimal amount of space within your store.

One-On-One Consulting

What better was to learn how to maximize the potential of your in-store sales than to speak with someone who know what they're talking about one-on-one. Our company leadership desires one thing - to help convenience stores increase their sales and profits. The owners of Pre-Paid Promotions are readily accessible and willing and ready to help you jumpstart your store' revenue stream.