Sweepstakes Phone Cards

Pre-Paid Promotions, Inc. decided to take a page found in the playbook of many successful companies – add a sweepstakes promotion to the product being sold to delineate your product from the others in the marketplace. Consequently the modern sweepstakes phone card was born. While the consumer is still purchasing a standard, fee-free long distance phone card, they are also receiving an opportunity to win cash instantly attached to the card. Our unconventional format and eye-catching graphics create excitement and that, in turn, results in more sales. At Pre-Paid Promotions, we are interested in seeing everyone win. We promise you this: "You've never had so much fun with a phone card!"

One Terminal Solution

How many terminals do you currently have sitting on your counter? Or do you not have any because you do not offer your customers prepaid items or accept credit cards? Our One Terminal Solution offers you prepaid cellular, credit card processing, check guarantee/conversion, rewards/loyalty/gift programs, EBT acceptance and bill payment acceptance - all in ONE terminal. Consolidate your counter space, reduce employee training time, cut down on the time it takes to complete multiple customer transactions, and make a great profit. This is what Pre-Paid Promotions offers in its One Terminal Solution.

Traditional Phone Cards

It doesn't take long to figure out there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that sell traditional phone cards. So the question is, 'Why sell Pre-Paid Promotions traditional pre-paid phone cards?" The margin you will make on our cards verse the competition is going to be very comparable. However, consumers find our designs, rate decks and promotional materials more interesting and desirable. If your customer is intrigued by our products verse the other hard cards you sell, you will sell more of our products and, therefore, make more money. In owning a convenience stores, isn't adding to your customer base and your bottom line the main objective of your business? That is our focus and specialty - helping you maximize the profit you can make in your retail location(s). There is a very small minimum quantity purchase (10 cards) to begin carrying our hard cards, so what else are you waiting for?

Prepaid Cellular

For years, prepaid cellular has been the fastest growing segment of both the prepaid and the cellular industries. With the economic forecast looking bleak for the next few years, prepaid cellular is only poised to grow. If you currently offer prepaid cellular reloads in your location, we can show you how to make even more money. If you do not currently offer prepaid cellular reloads in your location, we can show you how to tap into a multi-billion dollar revenue stream. From the company you trust for all your prepaid products, you know we wouldn't sell anything but the best.

Credit Card Processing

If you are not contacted on a near weekly basis by at least one credit card processing company promising you the "best rates available" if you switch to them, then you are one of the lucky few. There are thousands of companies that offer credit card processing, and they are essentially all the same. When you look at who actually does the processing for VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, it is only a select few companies. Everyone else uses those few companies and claims to be "the source." We don't. Our merchant services processing is provided through Chase-PaymentTECH, one of "the few." Our customers use us for credit card processing because we offer competitive rates, responsive service and multiple applications on the same terminal.

Check Guarantee Service

No other type of payment carries more risk than accepting checks. If you are in the business of taking checks from customers, you know about this risk. And you know what a headache it is when a check bounces. Pre-Paid Promotions offers a check guarantee and electronic conversion service that costs less than processing credit cards and puts the funds directly into your bank account. If a customer writes you a check that will not clear, you will know immediately, and you can ask for payment via another method.

Rewards, Loyalty & Gift Program

The experts say it is ten times easier to get sales from current customers than it is to get a new customer. How are you currently profiting on your customer base? Do they have a reason to shop in your store verses going to one down the street? Pre-Paid Promotions can create a custom loyalty, rewards and gift card program for less than a few hundred dollars - thousands less than most programs! We'll even print the cards for you at no charge! Give your customers a reason to keep coming back.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Over sixty million people living in America are unbanked, meaning they do not have a bank account or credit card. What product do you currently offer in your store that will help meet the needs of the unbanked and how are you profiting off that product? If you do not currently sell prepaid debit cards, you're missing out. You make an initial fee on the sale and setup of the prepaid debit card. The product also increases your repeat traffic since the consumer who purchases the prepaid debit card from you must come back to your store to reload their card. Oh, and you make money every time the customer reloads too.

EBT Processing

The government provides billions of dollars each month to food stamp recipients via electronic debit cards called EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) cards. You have to qualify to accept food stamp funds via EBT cards, and, of course, you need to have a way to process the cards. If you are not qualified to accept EBT, we'll help guide you through the process. If you already qualify, we'll help you process the cards for a low, per-transaction fee with not percentage fees.

Bill Payment Acceptance

Coming soon!

ATM Leasing & Sales

Most ATM's available for lease or purchase provide you the merchant with only a portion of the service fee charged to the end user of the ATM. Additionally, the ATM company sets the service fee, which limits the amount you can make per transaction. Pre-Paid Promotions ATMs allow you to set and keep the entire service fee. If you want to charge your customer $1.00 or $3.00 per ATM transaction, it is fully up to you. Plus you keep every dime of the service fee. When you advertise your ATM inside and outside your store you can help increase foot traffic. Whether you want to lease and ATM or purchase one, we have the ATM solution for you.