Triple Your Investment & Increase In-Store Sales

What if you saw a product line that would increase in-store sales and promote itself?

Pre-Paid Promotions is in the business of helping convenience stores increase their profits. We do so by providing locations with sweepstakes phone cards and a profitable One Terminal Solution. Learn More »

Sweepstakes Phone Cards - Incremental Sales

Pre-Paid Promotions, Inc. decided to take a page found in the playbook of many successful companies – add a sweepstakes promotion to the product being sold to delineate your product from the others in the marketplace. Consequently the modern sweepstakes phone card was born. While the consumer is still purchasing a standard, fee-free long distance phone card, they are also receiving an opportunity to win cash instantly attached to the card. Our unconventional format and eye-catching graphics create excitement and that, in turn, results in more sales. At Pre-Paid Promotions, we are interested in seeing everyone win. We promise you this: "You've never had so much fun with a phone card!"

One Terminal Solution - A Huge Profit Center

Your counter space is valuable. We know this and that's why we created the Pre-Paid Promotions One Terminal Solution. Right now you most likely have a prepaid cellular POSA terminal, a credit card processing terminal, and a check guarantee terminal. First, this is confusing to employees and increases the transaction time for every customer. Second, you are not getting the best rates possible since each terminal only serves one function. Let Pre-Paid Promotions help you make more money on prepaid cellular, spend less money on credit card processing, eliminate returned checks and fees, draw more loyal customers into your store, and much much more.

The Difference

When it comes down to it, what really sets us apart is our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our company. What that means to you is that you will receive the best service and support available. If you need something during a holiday or over the weekend, we at Pre-Paid Promotions will do our best to answer your question or fulfill your request.


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